Collaborative Research

Ecosystem service valuation projects

These projects are collaboratively funded by the four Gulf Sea Grant programs for the 2012-13 funding cycle:

Integrating revealed and stated preference approaches for ecosystem service valuation. Rex Caffey, Richard F. Kazmierczak and Walter R. Keithly, all of the Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, Louisiana State University; and Irving Mendelssohn, Dept. of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Louisiana State University.
Ecosystem services provided by Gulf of Mexico habitats: Tools, valuation and application. David Yoskowitz, Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies, College of Business, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi; Cristina Carollo, Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies; Jarryl Ritchie, Northern Gulf Institute; Alan Krupnick, Center for Energy Economics and Policy, Resources for the Future; and Just Cebrian, Dauphin Island Sea Lab, University of South Alabama.

Hydrological restoration projects

These Gulf-wide projects are supported by NOAA funding:

Salinity barrier removal feasibility and restoration in Tampa Bay tidal tributaries. Edward T. Sherwood, Tampa Bay Estuary Program tampa bay project
Restoration of salinity patterns in Upper Apalachicola Bay through reconnection of severed historical watershed drainage pathways. Graham Lewis, Northwest Florida Water Management District apalachicola hydro project
Bayou St. John – Removal of the obsolete flood control structure at Lake Pontchartrain. Gerard J. Gillen, Orleans Levee District bayou st. john flood control structure

Dolphin-Human Interactions

These Gulf-wide projects are supported by NOAA funding:

Determining the factors contributing to human-dolphin interactions in a long-term resident inshore bottlenose dolphin community. Katherine McHugh, Randall Wells and Brian Balmer, Chicago Zoological Society, Mote Marine Laboratory; Lars Bejder, Center for Fish, Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystem Research, Murdoch University; and David Lusseau, University of Aberdeen, School of Biological Sciences dolphins at play
Development of marine mammal stranding and Identification/viewing smart phone apps for the southeast region. Amy Whitt and Jennifer Laliberte, GMI Marine Sciences Department; Steven Antrim and Charles Cramer, ARA Southern Division dolphin pod in ocean

Sea-Level Rise Research

These Gulf-wide projects are supported by the NOAA Gulf of Mexico Coastal Storms Program:

Coastal Resilience Gulf of Mexico – Methods, Data and Web-Based Mapping Applications to Inform Coastal Communities on the Risks of Sea-Level Rise. George Raber, University of Southern Mississippi; Zach Ferdana, The Nature Conservancy-Global Marine Initiative; Laura Geselbracht, The Nature Conservancy-Florida Chapter; Jorge Brenner, The Nature Conservancy-Texas Chapter
Determining localized impacts of predicted sea-level rise to engineered versus natural landscapes, and how risk perception may alter response strategies adopted by ecosystem-dependent communities versus resource managers. Matthew Bethel, University of New Orleans, and Wei Wu and Patrick Biber, University of Southern Mississippi
Development of Sea-Level-Rise Adaptation Planning Procedures and Tools Using NOAA Sea-Level-Rise Impacts Viewer. Zhong-Ren Peng, Dawn Jourdan and Kathryn Frank, University of Florida; and Avera Wynne and Gregory Miller, Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council

Coastal Community Resilience

These Gulf-wide projects are supported by the NOAA Gulf of Mexico Coastal Storms Program:

Integrating Hazard Mitigation into Local Planning to Support Community Resiliency on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Allison Beasley and Beth Ousley, Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District
A Generic Television Program on Flooding with Local Application. Emily Sommer, grassroots, inc.; Mark Bunting, WKRG; Kevin White, University of South Alabama; John Jacob, Texas Sea Grant; and Dan Lyons, KHOU
Measuring the Relative Financial Vulnerability of Municipal Governments to Tropical Natural Disaster Risk. James Fannin, Joshua Detre, Ashok Mishra and Carol Franze, Louisiana State University, and Jody Thompson, Auburn University
Gulf of Mexico Coastal Training Program Initiative for Resilient Communities. Avia Huisman, Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve; Rosalyn Kilcolllins, Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve; Chad Leister, Mission-Aransas National Estuarine Research Reserve; and Tabitha Stadler, Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve
Determining Best Practices When Reseeding Neighborhoods with Nonprofit Rebuilding after Coastal Storms. David Mitchell and Jennifer Wang, University of Central Arkansas, and Samuel Stutsman, University of South Alabama
Coastal and Local: Texas Tools for Community Resiliency and Storm Recovery. John Jacob and Steven Mikulencak, Texas Sea Grant

Regional Research Projects funded 2008-2009

These Gulf-wide projects were supported by the four Gulf of Mexico Sea Grant programs:

Modeling business return in New Orleans after Katrina. Nina Lam, Louisiana State University.
A parameterized climate-change projection model for hurricane flooding, wave action, economic damages and population dynamicsJennifer Irish, Texas A&M University.
Implications of takings law in planning for sea-level rise. Stephanie Showalter, The University of Mississippi.
Development of innovative non-intrusive load transfer mechanism to reduce hurricane-induced failures. Arindam Chowdhury, Florida International University.